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Many users have been mildly disappointed with the review materials in the Princeton Review books.

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Doing well on Sentence Correction requires learning both the fundamentals and advanced aspects of English grammar. To achieve this aim, the . The Princeton Review GMAT book tries to dispense Sentence Correction wisdom in a mere twenty pages (many of which do a poor job maximizing space).

For the Psych GRE I used the Princeton Review book and the practice tests by REA.

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olleges That Pay You Back." class="canvas-atom canvas-text Mb(1.0em) Mb(0)--sm Mt(0.8em)--sm" data-type="text" data-reactid="19">The catch? The college admits only 22 to 25 men a year, on average, and the school's academic demands are intense. This is a "very nontraditional college experience, and students must forgo a lot of the comforts of a typical college dorm," said David Soto, co-author of the Princeton Review book, Colleges That Pay You Back.

The Princeton Review MCAT book study guide: This MCAT book offers a selection of MCAT prep content and strategies.

The newest Princeton Review GMAT book comes in two versions: Cracking the GMAT, 2017 Edition and Cracking the GMAT Premium, 2017 Edition. Both Princeton GMAT books are sparse on fundamentals and heavy on estimation and process of elimination (i.e. nifty test gimmicks). The premium version comes with six computer-adaptive practice tests and costs about $7 more than the non-premium version on . (There are less expensive options on .)

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