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Step 3 Board-Ready USMLE Junkies was written to find a systematic approach for reviewing for the USMLE Step 3 examination. It gives you a quick glance at the subject matter while relating it to other important areas in medicine. There is no other Step 3 review book that uses a stepwise, quick, and high-yield approach in this manner.

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Regarding Step 3 review books (echoing your statements) : What I’ve experienced (e.g. for Step 2ck and now for step 3), is that most of the review books fall short in being able to apply that text-based/factoid-rich information on the actual test day. Out of both purchase popularity and curiosity, I ended up buying copies of Crush, MTB 2CK/3, and the newest First Aid for Step 3. I found them in alignment to what you had said, and question their [review books] utility in answering mcq’s to not be as effective. The books as you stated, might be okay for mental-security reassurances and reference point refreshers. Moreover, the MTB series appears to be tremendously bias in their next step plans/diagnostic tests and at often times, contradictory to what UpToDate and/or Uworld has stated; further adding to stresses that we all can best be without!

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