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Whenever we review Chromebooks, we more or less the same conclusion: it's a neat idea, a computer where everything is done online, but it's not worth the money. That was back when Chrome OS devices were priced at $500, competing with netbooks that could run not just the Chrome browser, but all manner of Windows apps. Ditto for tablets, which can be tricked out with many thousands of apps on both iOS and Android.

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I was a big fan of the Series 5 550 Chromebook, but moving over to the new Chromebook has been a breeze. It’s tiny — only 0.69 inches thick and 2.4 pounds. Inside, the new Chromebook uses a 1.7-GHz, dual-core Samsung Exynos 5 processor, built on the latest ARM Cortex A15 architecture, and 2GB of RAM. This is the same CPU and RAM setup as is used in the Google’s Samsung-built tablet, which surely helped Samsung and Google cut down on costs. Everything inside is solid-state. Unlike previous Chromebooks, which all used Intel processors and required fans to keep things inside cool, there are no fans. This Chromebook runs silent.

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Over several months of use, I consistently got about six and a half hours of battery life out of it before needing a charge, which is a bit more than previous Chromebooks from Samsung and Acer. Watching video nonstop will drain the battery more quickly, in about four hours or so.

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