Zombies are Magic!: Rare Book Review: Who Goes There?

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Edgar & Ellen: Rare Beasts Book Review

Beat Book Shop: My name is Tom Peters and I am the owner of the "beat book shop," and have been since we opened, we are in our 19th year of business and before I started this rare book shop I apprenticed at another rare and used book and fine art shop also in Boulder Colorado, I personally have been selling rare books for 20 years, we specialize in First Editions & Signed books in the Literature field mostly fine Novels and Rare Poetry Books as well as Pamphlets and Broadsides, we also have many fine antiquarian books dating back to the early 1700's My store has been featured in Newspapers and Magazines around the world including Rare Book Review (England) The New York Times, The Denver Post, The Rocky Mountain News, The Daily Camera and many articles that were reprinted nationwide on the API/UP news services, the beat book shop has been featured in both documentary & feature films such as American Saint and The Coney Island of Lawrence Ferllinghetti and books from our shop were featured in films such as The Life & Times of Allen Ginsberg. We have sold rare books with great success to countries on every continent and in twenty years have only had one rare book sent back, I guess you can't please everybody. I have appraised many fine collections and have sold many First Printings of First Editions ranging from The Wonderful Wizard of Oz (1899/1900) to On the Road (1957) of which we have sold many copies. We also work with drawings, paintings, letters and manuscripts from well known authors.

Rare Bird Book Review via @sellabitmum Beautiful words about a beautiful book. @aninchofgray #RareBird

Freebie Giveaway Day Warning Plus Rare Kids Book Review

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