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Book reviews, opinion pieces, and news articles are generally not peer reviewed

Pat Thomson and Barbara Kalmer clearly enjoyed writing this book.

First of all, is this the sort of “peer review” we typically associate with academic publishing? It seems different. When we speak of “peer review”, say for a journal article or conference talk, we usually mean something that happens before publication, where knowledgeable experts — for better or for worse — act as gatekeepers for anything that might purport to advance the discipline. That’s pretty clearly not happening here (unless, again, UMN has plans to eventually peer review books prior to posting them). In fact right now, none of the 15 math textbooks have any reviews at all posted, although you can find reviews elsewhere if you wanted.

Writing for Peer Reviewed Journals: Strategies for getting published [Pat Thomson, ..

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As discussed in the previous section, this policy led to the development of the Peer Review Handbook by EPA's Science Policy Council (EPA 1998a). Both the 1994 policy and the 1998 handbook concentrate on the peer review of “major scientific and technical work products” that affect agency decisions, although the 1994 policy also encouraged the review of certain planning documents.

What is a peer-reviewed article

What Is A Peer-Reviewed Article