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A NIGHT OWL REVIEWS BOOK REVIEW | Reviewed by: DawnColclasure As someone who was part Indian, part English, what is known as “Indian-English,” Jillian Haslam and her family endured a hard life while living in India. The family was very poor, and Jillian had siblings who died in infancy either because of malnutrition or because of disease. Her young sister, Vanessa, is dear to Jillian’s heart, and the two of them struggle together to help the family. But it’s not starvation or having money…

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A NIGHT OWL REVIEWS BOOK REVIEW | Reviewed by: Diana Coyle I feel this book would be a wonderful addition to any child’s library. It tells the story of how the world is such a better place – more colorful, musical and exciting because of a best friend.

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Mystical Experiences Wisdom in Unexpected Places from Prison to Main Street By Author: Jack Farrell Publisher: Untreed Reads Publishing Tags: Nonfiction, Religion & Spirituality A NIGHT OWL REVIEWS BOOK REVIEW * Reviewed by: DawnColclasure A man is warned to get out of a car before an SUV crashes into it, totaling the vehicle. A girl out taking pictures is lifted up into the air by an unseen force after accidentally stepping on the head of a snake

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Animal Whisperer By Author: M.G. Braden Publisher: MG Braden Tags: Chick-Lit, Romance, Suspense A NIGHT OWL REVIEWS BOOK REVIEW * Reviewed by: Diana Coyle Jessi Smith is just an ordinary person with one little exception. She has the ability to talk to animals and hear their replies. It seems that this is the very reason why she keeps finding herself in the strangest ofRogue Countess By Author: Amy Sandas Publisher: Samhain Publishing, Ltd. Tags: Historical Romance, Regency A NIGHT OWL REVIEWS BOOK REVIEW * Reviewed by: Emma Jude was back. Her husband had dumped her on their wedding day and never looked back. Alone anA NIGHT OWL REVIEWS BOOK REVIEW | Reviewed by: Angi Lilly Hawkins, news photographer extraordinaire, has been sent into the mountains of southern California to photograph and cover a wildfire spreading toward a small lakeside tourist town. What she finds when she gets there is more than she bargained for. Included in the wildfire is a murder, but convincing people it’s actually a murder, and not the reckless self inflicted drug death of a party girl