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The trouble is, that unless you are an established author with a large following, it is getting increasingly difficult to secure reviews these days. This is primarily because the online retail space for book sales is becoming so over-saturated. The democratizing nature of the online self-publishing revolution has been both a blessing and a curse. It’s no longer the case - as it was a few years ago - that anyone could stick a mediocre book up on Amazon’s KDP platform and expect sales and glowing reviews to come rolling in. The second problem is that the quality of online book reviews are increasingly being called into question. The practice of ‘sock-puppeting’ (authors who deliberately use 3rd parties to boost reviews) is on the rise, and online retailers - in particular Amazon - are clamping down hard on this practice. Sock-puppeting in any form is a practice that should be avoided at all costs. You might get away with it now, but only for a while. Is it really worth jeopardizing your future livelihood on such a myopic strategy?

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Plus, the trustworthiness of online book reviews is increasingly being called into question. Authors now have the opportunity to pay a third party to write a review, perhaps artificially boosting their review numbers. And although it may be possible to receive “legitimate” paid reviews, many are disingenuous, with the seediest variety being downright deceptive.

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