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The HP Mini 210 has one of the most DIY-upgrade friendly designs we have ever seen in the NotebookReview offices. You can access all internal components without ever using a screwdriver … and the same can’t be said about other notebooks. HP designed the Mini 210 with a bottom panel that comes off using old-fashion finger power. With the bottom panel off users have access to the Wi-Fi card, open mini-PCIe slot for a Broadcom HD or WWAN card, system memory and hard drive. Any upgrade can be performed in seconds, and is much less intimidating for even the most basic of users.

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The Sager NP8850 is a high-end gaming notebook. What it may lack in looks it makes up for in performance, its beautiful screen, and outstanding cooling system, among other things. Certainly, consumers must take into consideration its high price tag but, in the end, the NP8850 delivers as a worthy laptop for gamers. Read NotebookReview’s entire here.

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The notebook being reviewed here is the , recently Gateway has replaced the MX7515 with the MX7525. There is only one difference between these two models. The MX7525 has 128MB of dedicated video ram, while the MX7515 has only 64MB of dedicated video ram. This extra VRAM would allow the MX7525 to have a better 3Dmark score, and in turn allow it to be a slightly better gaming machine.

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Unfortunately Notebook Review was unable to test the dongle as it was not included with the review unit, but the dongle is included with a retail version of the device.While listening to an orchestral track Notebook Review noticed a considerable amount of distortion from the speakers. Even when turning the speakers down to 50 percent capacity there was still some distortion as the speakers failed to fully detail the nuances of the track. Luckily this issue is far less pronounced with other types of media, as Notebook Review had no problem enjoying various television streams. The speakers will suffice for normal use, but if users want a quality audio experience they will have turn to an external device.Keeping in line with the device’s eye-catching aesthetic, the Acer Aspire S7 features a sharp 13.3″ 1080p IPS display. Images and text are detailed and easy to read on the vibrant 288nits screen. Color contrast is also exceptional as Notebook Review noticed how crisp the default background image of a sunflower appeared with the bright white petals laying across the clear blue sky backdrop.Eset smart security 9 review _ notebookreview. com data recovery free Although Microsoft Windows 10 includes basic anti-malware protection, it hasn’t stopped security companies from continuing development of premium security products. Jstor database ESET has been a long-standing name in the industry, producing a full range of computer security products for home, education, and business.The Sony VAIO Pro 11 features an 11.6-inch 1920 x 1080 IPS touch-enabled display. The screen is equipped with Triluminous technology, which according to Sonny helps the display provide more natural colors. Sony VAIO Pro 11 offers crisp clear image with 165 nits brightness and sharp color contrast. Notebook Review noticed that the display does a fantastic job detailing bright hues while admiring the vibrant skyline in a gameplay stream of However, the display struggled with darker colors, especially deep blues and purples which were easily muddied when adjacent or placed near a black backdrop. Additionally, display’s ten-point touch controls worked completely as desired, responding quickly to various inputs and gestures with no noticeable lag.While the Z51’s visuals left us wanting, the audio thoroughly impressed. Equipped with JBL speakers the Z51 is quite boisterous, with sound levels that can easily fill a modest sized room. The Z51 matches that impressive amplification with crisp audio quality. The editors at NotebookReview were impressed by the Z51’s ability to accurately depict an orchestral track without any noticeable distortion.NotebookReview is a website, as the name may imply, dedicated to laptops. Although there are many aspects to NotebookReview, such as laptop reviews, I have one of the most useful features of NotebookReview to be their What Notebook Should I Buy? forum. (Although this article was written to discuss the What Notebook Should I Buy? forum, it should be noted NotebookReview has some of the best, most professional and thorough laptop reviews I have ever come across. Their software reviews are nothing special, though.) In this forum, users – from all around the world – are allowed and encouraged to make threads asking for advice in regards to what laptop to get: