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Can you please remove my blog Poetic Parfait from The Indie Book Reviews List?

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I am seeking to find good book reviewers interested in Biblically relted titles:
My two books to date are ,The isrel Deception which is a Scriptural overview
of Old and New Testament leading to some Scripturally based conclusions converning the Zionist phenomenon from both Scriptural and secular perspectives. THe second book is a complete and in depth discourse on Biblical prophesy based on Daniel and Revelation. The title is These Prophets and the REvelation. If you are interested in prophesy you will findthis book to be more informative than anything available at Bible bood stores.

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The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian Book Review

I’ll add the new podler and see if they want to post to Latest Indie Book reviews. Bit pressed for time at the moment but I’ll be adding your review a little later today. I also have about 15 reviewers to add. Never enough time in a day…

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This is amazing. We are just getting ready to launch our first e-book, and it’s an honor to find good book reviewers who are willing to help us with the launch. This list really helped us build a list of people who are interested in poetry. Valuable resource!

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