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You've published a book, and now realize that it's hard to get noticed in this overcrowded publishing space. You've researched "how to get a book reviewed" but you also want more than a capsule summary. You want a professionally written, objective review with some major credibility. Oh, and you not only want to reach an audience of readers, but also reach the influencers, connectors, mavens, and the salespeople who can quickly get your book in the right hands.

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Most articles teaching you how to get a book reviewed will recommend Amazon Top Reviewers as a core part of the strategy. It's not a bad idea, but it becomes less and less effective the more people use it. Think about it — there are a finite number of top reviewers, and an ever-increasing list of authors who want reviews for their books. At some point this model breaks. Your pitches offering free books in exchange for an honest review will start falling on deaf ears because there are simply too many other authors looking for the same thing. However, an intelligent approach to Top Reviewers should still be considered.

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