A Conversation About Getting Your Book Reviewed;

Here are a few websites for getting your book reviewed (there are many others out there):

MBR: A Conversation About Getting Your Book Reviewed

, an editor of The New York Times Book Review, was still talking 90 minutes after he took to the podium in a soaring gymnasium at Radcliffe earlier this week. I had to leave for another commitment but he had already offered a little bit of advice about getting your book reviewed in the Times, beyond the obvious suggestion of brilliance:

Getting Your Books Reviewed on Amazon by Steve Weber ~ June 13th, 2007

Tips Tools And Tactics For Getting Your Book Reviewed

Besides the quality of the book, what’s important in getting your book reviewed is the timing. Review journals will only consider reviewing books that have not already been published; they want to vet books that are not yet available, books that are not yet in the marketplace. What that means for you as a publisher is that you must be sure to get your advance galleys (the bound book without the final cover) to reviewers well in advance of the official publication date when the finished book will be available, usually at least three to six months earlier.

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Blurb : Book reviews. They have the power to bring in new readers, increase your sales, grow your brand, and make an author’s career. But how do you go about not only getting your book reviewed, but getting thoughtful and worthwhile reviews that potential readers are likely to see? This guide will go over fifteen strategies to do just that!

The DOs and DO NOTs of getting your book reviewed