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It’s also easy forget that book reviews have traditionally been the province of newspapers over the decades. As most of the major publishers in the world owned both newspaper, magazine and book publishing empires, it doesn’t take much to figure out that it was all cross-promotional for their own marketing ends. News Corp are a prime example of a media empire that owns huge print, publishing, television and cable networks. So when they cross-promote, it’s not fake? No it’s marketing.

How To Get A Book Review

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That all depends on your goals. While there are some major book review services that provide reviews at a fee (Kirkus and Foreword are the most popular), that fee might be out of your price range. Are you willing to spend $400 to get a book review from one of the biggest and most respected book reviewers in the business? Keep in mind it’s not necessarily a good review, either. It’s an honest review of your work, and it’s coming from tough reviewers.

Getting Bad Book Reviews

You’ve been a great champion of books from smaller presses. Have there been any times when you had to argue to get a book reviewed?

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