3/12/2014 Fly Fishing Book Reviews Continued

Orvis guide to beginning fly fishing book review

L.L. Bean Ultimate fly fishing guide book review

It’s wintertime, a historic blizzard blew through last week, and days fit for fly fishing seem few and far between. For me, it’s a time to read some new books, and to re-read some oldies. In this article, “Fly Fishing Book Reviews”, I will review several great books that I found this past year.

Tenkara Radically simple, ultralight fly fishing a book review

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Welcome to the first of our "Book Reviews". I will be presenting at least two books each month and will feature new releases as well as previously published works. The focus of course will be on fly fishing book reviews, fly tying etc., but I will also be choosing titles of general outdoor interest. I may also share some video titles.

Fly fishing book reviews

Fly fishing book reviews