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Ask-A-Librarian: Where do I find book reviews?

Another good source for reviews of non-fiction books is peer-reviewed journals. Many of these journals include reviews of books that touch on their field. For example, (Periodicals D 1.H 818) has reviews of books that deal with historical topics and (Periodicals HB 1.J 6) has reviews of books that deal with economics. Not all peer-reviewed journals have reviews, but the majority of them do. Searching the indexes of journals like these can be a fast way to find book reviews.

Find book reviews, essays, best-seller lists and news from The New York Times Book Review.

Many of the Libraries' index scholarly book reviews. In fact, these databases are often the preferred way to find book reviews because they cover (or index) the peer-reviewed literature of a given discipline, and reviews published in peer-reviewed journals generally do the best job of situating books within wider disciplinary debates. For example, to find reviews of United States history books written by historians a user should search the library databases and/or . Keep in mind that most databases allow users to limit their searches to book reviews only.

How to find Book Reviewers: How to get reviews the easy way - Kindle edition by Werner Stejskal