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The celebrity chefs at Ready, Steady, Chuck! Headquarters regularly receive cookery books to review, so it's about time we had a special page to tell everyone what we really think. We're not the kind of people to be satisfied with the reviews you get from chefs, though, especially celebrity ones. So we've defied tradition and arranged for the books to be looked at by a genuinely unbiased and much more brutally honest reviewer: a nine year old girl. She not only has no particular vested interest, also does it for quite reasonable rates of payment in chocolate.

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The Peanuts Cook Book - Availability Rating - 3.5
This small vintage Peanuts Cookbook review covers the tiny gift book designed in the theme of the cartoons. The books were likely published in mass quantities. I have personally owned 4 of these little books but they fall apart easily and always seem to come unbound. I also always seem to find this 1972 printing which is lighter and brighter in color than some of the earlier prints. The 1969 original appears to be a forest green with pink in the center. The 1970 is an orange with beige center and like mine--the 72 printing is a neon green and coral color. I'm not sure if these all were available in each time period or if the printing changed but it appears it changed with each year. In any case, the book ranks pretty low for availability rating as there are dozens of these little books to be had online.

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