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A word of caution: Most book reviewers list typos and bad editing as one of their major "pet peeves." If your book is unedited, full of typos, or otherwise unfinished, don't bother contacting the reviewers in this list as you'll be wasting their time and yours

Can you please remove my blog Poetic Parfait from The Indie Book Reviews List?

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Due to the high demand for books on book review list we have to limit the number of reviews. Each ACUNS member is welcome to request and review up to 2 books per year, while each non-member is welcome to request and review 1 book per year.

Poker book reviews and list

Hi Everyone, here’s is the book review list from the first 10 years of The Meria show. Meria has done loads of reading and recommends most of these books. Many of these authors appeared on the show in the past and were surprised to learn Meria had read their entire book! No cheat sheets here! Read Meria’s review, then click on the book you are drawn to. Simple at that! All books reviewed from May 2010 onwards will be listed within the archive of that particular show for easy ordering!

Poker Book reviews and list of the newest poker books and reviews of some of the all time classic poker books.