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Review My Book - How To Become A Book Reviewer

It’s easy. You only need to create an account, and Once you created your account you can check your email to validate the account and start to write a book review. We have many genres and you are sure to find one you like. You’ll be a book reviewer extraordinaire in no time.

To be eligible as book reviewer you must have a free Amazon account. If you don’t have one, now is a good time to open one.

Be Obsessed or Be Average Book Review Week 1

Hi, my name is Laura, and today I'm going to talk with you about how to become a become reviewer. First of all, of course, you have to have a great love for books and you need to read as many books as you can. You not only need to read as many books as you can, but you also need to start to keep up with current books. In order to book reviewer you going to need to know what has come before, and you're also going to need to know what is happening now so that you can know how relevant a certain book is to the genre in which you are which you are reviewing it. So make sure that you really know what you're talking about by just immersing yourself in the books. Another thing you can do is you can actually start reviewing books in an informal setting online so that you can get your feet wet. Just like an amateur film reviewer does. So you can actually do the same for books. So get your feet wet and don't be afraid. Next, if you're having trouble figuring out what to read, you can join a book club, so that you can actually get with other people and talk about the books and be assigned a book so that you'll actually sort of force yourself to read a new book at least every month. And for yourself, probably every week, if not more if you want to be a serious reviewer. Finally you're going to want to keep a journal of the books that you've read. In my opinion it would be a good idea if you actually stopped when you're finished reading your book to take down the major points in the book so that you won't forget because you're going to be absorbing a lot of information. And you're going to want to be able to go back and look at the notes and the ideas that you had about a particular book later in your life if you're going to make a reference to it. So you're going to want to build up a portfolio of things that you've read and ideas that you've had. And finally you can try to get a job being an actual book reviewer for a newspaper a magazine and see how your past experience has informed your ability to get that job. So good luck.

Explains the difference between a book REVIEW and a Book Report. Includes an example. Intended audience: young adults

Leisa–good places! But, where do I find other places to sign on to be a book reviewer? There is only one place on your list that I qualify for, and since I am an avid and a speed reader (natural) are there any more companies that accept new book reviewers? I don’t know where to look! I can do one or two reviews a day–depending on the length of the book. I can read a 350-page book in 3-4 hours, and I have a photographic memory. I’ve done book reviews before, but that was years ago, and yes, I have bought a book to help me with that. Suggestions?

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I would like to thank you for the opportunity to be a new book reviewer. I’ve learned a lot about reviewing literature through my studies and I really like books. It seems a perfect fit. I look forward to being accepted into this program.